Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tallulah said . . .

Tallulah Bankhead gets into an elevator. There is already a very handsome gentleman in the elevator who smiles and turns to look at her.

Already knowing her by reputation, the man speaks up and whispers to her:

"I sure could use a little p*ssy right now."

To which Tallulah replies:

"So could I, dahling. Mine's as big as my handbag."



Oh, The Tallulah is sacred. And you have the label PUSSY. Hmmm, this clearly is a site worth perusing.

(This word verification thingy makes me wanna re-enter the letters, which is cool. I just hope I don't end up with 20 posts. It's so hard to do word verification when I don't know how to type and the letters are ALL worn off my keyboard.)

Tilly Screams said...

Well whore, it helps if you don't specialize in one-handed typing.

Save that for Mancunt. Does anyone still visit that goddess-forsaken place?